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Original Triebel Reloading Dies – Made in Germany!

Triebel Reloading Dies – Made in Germany

We produce high-quality reloading dies for almost all calibers up to 25mm. Our customized solutions can help in the production of your match ammunition.

We manufacture the reloading dies exclusively in our company in Germany!

At Triebel Guntools you (or your local dealer) have direct contact to the manufacturer of your reloading-tools.

In addition to the usually popular 7/8" thread we also manufacture (especially from a P1 diameter of about 13mm) in the solid 1 1/4" thread-version.


These reloading-dies save your press and significantly reduce the necessary energy for the sizing process.

The use of the reloading-dies with the thread 1 ¼ "12GG is possible in most reloading presses. Just sometimes a thread adapter is necessary. We advise you gladly.

If you wish to trade our reloading-dies in your shop, please contact us to aks for your trader-discount!

Direct ordering and request by email!

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