The company triebel Waffenwerkzeuge GmbH

We are Europe’s leading manufacturer of special tools for gun workshops – Triebel Waffenwerkzeuge GmbH. Our expertise in weapon tools for police, hunting and sporting weapons, combined with over 70 years of experience, puts us at the forefront of quality and reliability.

Our precision tools are recognized worldwide and make a significant contribution to internal security and hunting. As a specialized supplier for firearms authorities, gun manufacturers and gunsmiths, we help sports shooters to compete successfully and security authorities to carry out successful missions at the highest level.

Find out more about our long-standing tradition and our commitment to excellent gun tools. Founded by Rudi Triebel, a master gunsmith, the company has established itself in the industry since 1948.

With an extensive range of machinery and a DIN ISO 9001-certified quality management system, Triebel offers high-quality products and services. Dhe focus is on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, which is reflected in the company’s long history and modern, customer-oriented approach.

About us

Company founder Rudi Triebel, born in Suhl, traditionally learned the gunsmith’s trade.

His teacher was Edgar Hübner, whom he greatly admired. As a journeyman’s piece, Rudi Triebel built an Anson double-barreled shotgun.

He successfully passed his master craftsman’s examination in 1942. After World War II, which he survived well except for a few wounds, he worked in the weapons workshop of his father Robert Triebel, who had already been running a specialist store for weapons, ammunition and fishing supplies in Kaufbeuren, “Am Breiten Bach” since 1935.


Later, he set up his own workroom at 73 Kemptener Str. in Kaufbeuren. There he was able to set up the first machines and, with the help of an employee, an acquaintance from his military days, produce parts for weapons, scope assemblies and the first tools for cartridge bearings himself. The business registration took place in 1948.

The foundation stone for the company Triebel Waffenwerkzeuge was thus laid. In addition to his work, Rudi Triebel was also active for the guild and held the office of apprentice warden and also guild master for many years. Numerous ballistics courses for the apprentices and the graduates of the master craftsman course earned him the reputation of an outstanding expert, who was also held in high esteem abroad.

With the publication of the “Dimension Sheets for Cartridge and Cartridge Bearings”, which came into being partly as a result of his work on the Proof Council, the name Triebel took on a new meaning. Whenever questions arose regarding the dimensions of cartridge bearings, it was said: ask Triebel. After a short, serious illness, Rudi Triebel died in Kaufbeuren on May 30, 1984.

Thereupon, the current managing director Jürgen Triebel took over the technical management of the Triebel company shortly after passing the master craftsman’s examination (at that time as the best Bavarian examinee). With the funds available at that time, a new universal tool grinding machine was purchased, which opened up new possibilities in production.

With the soon obligatory exhibitions at the largest trade fair for weapons and accessories, the IWA in Nuremberg, contacts were quickly made throughout the industry. Ongoing investments in all areas of the company, the expansion of exports, and in 2004 the long overdue expansion with the move to the current company building in Stöttwang and the introduction of a customized, ISO certified quality management system have made the company Triebel Waffenwerkzeuge GmbH what it is today:

A modern, quality-conscious and customer-oriented company with an excellent reputation, even beyond the European borders.

Our machinery
Range of services contract manufacturing

Our know-how and our machine capacities are of course also available for the production of job orders. From material procurement to laser marking, we can also manufacture your products.

Our range of services includes, for example, the following options:

Baujahr 2013

Studer S21 – CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine

Year of manufacture 2013

Internal grinding spindle, paper belt filter, extensive software, various grinding wheels and holders


Studer S20 – Conventional cylindrical grinding machine

Refurbished 2018

paper belt filter, suction unit, digital control system

Studer OF – Conventional cylindrical grinding machine

Geometrically / mechanically overhauled 2013

Coolant system with sedimentation tank, exhaust system

Haas, Trossingen – Multigrind AF – CNC professional grinding machine

Year of manufacture 2004

Spindle cooling, suction for grinding in oil, extensive software, various grinding wheels and flanges, grinding wheel changer

Haas, Trossingen – Multigrind AF – CNC professional grinding machine

Year of manufacture 2011 – factory overhaul 2018

Spindle cooling, extraction for grinding in oil, extensive software, various grinding wheels and flanges, dressing unit, grinding wheel changer

Traub TNL 32 – CNC short sliding headstock automatic lathe

Year of manufacture 2013

Bar loader 3m, WinFlexIPS software package, suction unit for operation in oil, extensive tool equipment including various AGWs

Traub TNL 18 – CNC short sliding headstock lathe

Year of manufacture 2011

Short bar feeder, WinFlexIPS software package, suction unit for operation in oil, extensive tooling incl. various AGW

Spinner TC 600-65 SMCY – CNC lathe

Year of manufacture 2015

Servo-Load 80 bar feeder (1500 mm), main and counter spindle, Y-axis, extensive software, various AGW and high-quality tools, automatic

Index G200 Compact – CNC Lathe

Year of manufacture 2000

Bar gripper, extensive clamping equipment and tooling, exhaust system.

Trotec Speedmarker 700 / 20 Watt fiber laser 50 Hz – marking laser

Year of manufacture 2016 Accessories: Bar gripper, extensive clamping equipment and tooling, exhaust system.

Schneider Bad Kreuznach – SKM 250 – CNC coordinate measuring system

Upgraded / retrofitted 2007

Software package, continuous calibration records over entire life cycle according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Zoller Smile 400 – CNC measuring and tool setting device

Upgraded / retrofitted 2007

Extensive intuitive software, label printer, wobble compensation, various high-quality clamping devices

General workshop equipment

Accessories: Part cleaner BioCircle, heated ultrasonic bath BioCircle, several conventional lathes, pillar drilling machine, storage racks, bar saw

Measuring and testing equipment

Full range of calibrated thread rings and mandrels, digital outside micrometers, inside micrometers, digital calipers, special shape gauges.

Quality management

The benefit of a company for its customers, the quality of products and services, efficient internal processes, a healthy economic situation – all this depends decisively on how processes are ensured and lived in the company. Against this background, a management system is becoming increasingly important.

For your benefit, we have therefore had our company certified according to DIN ISO 9001. By applying our customized, certified management system, we are able to react quickly and appropriately to all conceivable situations.